Sunday, 7 May 2017

Little Learners

There's a new playgroup called 'Little Learners' in town and I thought of checking it out. I enrolled Medina in the program as I think she will benefit from it. The playgroup meets every Friday for an hour in Kilbirnie. This playgroup is also available at some other towns, I heard. The founder is Kirsty Foster, a famous blogger here in Wellington. She was an Early Childhood teacher as well as  Montessori trained. So, most of the activities done were Montessori inspired. More information can be found on her webpage here ----->

What I love about this playgroup is that it gave me ideas on the activities that I can do with Medina at home. Kirsty used things that are easily available at home or you know, stuff that aren't expensive and hard to find in store.

I took some photos of Medina while she was engaged in the activities. There were a lot of other kids around but I don't want to post any pictures of other kids here because I didn't get any consent from the parents. It may seem like Medina is the only one here but rest assured there were about 15 other children around me. Yeah, it wasn't easy to capture pictures where my child was the only one in the frame, but I managed. 

Some pictures...

 I like this one best. It kept her occupied. She was trying very hard to use that tongs. 
I had to help her on many occasions of course but one day, she'll get it. This activity is good for her fine motor skills as well as her thinking skills.

 These are rubber pom-poms. You can use other stuff too but make sure they are not choking hazards, especially if your child likes to put things in the mouth.

 Hoola hoops activity. Putting hoops on the hook? I actually don't know what to call that. 
It's a mug holder. Something you may have at home.

 Coloured hoops are cool. You can teach about colours as you play this game with her.

 Rice bin activity. This activity is a bit advanced for under twos. 
But if you don't mind the mess, go ahead.

 Transferring rice from one cup into the other. Using a funnel is also fun!

DIY shakers. Medina loves shakers. Especially those that have different sounds.

You can make all these at home. Be creative and use other stuffs if you don't have the same things as above. See what I did below:

 Hoola hoops fun.

I used empty toilet rolls for this one.

That's all for now. Enjoy and I hope you'll benefit something from this blog entry! 
Cheers <3

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