Friday, 28 April 2017


It's been a while. So much has happened since I last wrote something here. So much to tell too but time is an essence and thus I can't be wasting it. Not that I think writing here is a waste of time, it's just that I may need plans or outline my thoughts before I actually write something and those stuff need time and ideas in my already cluttered brain.

So a short update: 

Ever so busy with Little Medina. She can walk now and is so clever as well as mischievous. But nothing to complain about, she is who she is and I love her like that.

Thesis writing is going great, at least I think so. I don't know what my supervisors think of it though. Anyway, I'm writing my third draft chapter now and I am proud of myself although I do wish I have more time to think thoroughly and deeply about the ideas that are forming in my head. 

We went back to Malaysia again in February and celebrated Medina's first birthday. Will post on that when I get the time InsyaaAllah. 

Well, if you follow my Instagram then you'll know what is happening in my life. Not that my life is interesting but it is up to date there. I think Instagram is easy because all you have to do is put photos up on your phone and voila! you're connected to the world.

Plans for the future:

I would like to talk more on what I am writing  in my thesis - not to show off or anything like that, of course not, but to share what I have learned so that others can benefit from it too.

I would also like to talk about what I have been doing with Medina, like her activities etc so that new mothers / fathers / parents out there can get some ideas on what to do with their babies. 

Until then, xoxo.