Sunday, 30 October 2016

What's in your bag, mummies?

When you become a mother, forget those cute, petite small handbags. What you need now is a tote bag or backpack or the unglamorous name (to me) baby/nappy bag!

So what do you pack in there? Lots and lots of stuff. Even when you have lots, you'll still forget some items. Especially when you really need them. *sigh* Keep in mind that your bag is going to be heavy from now on. At least mine is! It's so heavy I think I'll grow muscles! *grins*

Anyway, These are what I have in my baby bag.

  1. Diapers. The most important thing. Don't ever go out without some diapers packed in your bag. Unless there's a supermarket nearby for you to get some if anything happens.
  2. Wet wipes. Equally important. If you have diapers but don't have wipes, you'll be in trouble. Unless you have tissues and water packed, that's okay too I guess. But I find using wipes is the easiest tool when cleaning my baby on the go.
  3. Spare clothes! Put at least two in your bag. You'll never know when you need to change your baby.
  4. Changing mat or something to put your baby on when changing him/her. My tote bag comes with a changing mat so that's handy!
  5. Some tissues and handkerchief, incase your baby has runny nose or something like that.
  6. Plastic bags. Always shove some plastic bags in your tote bag. It's handy to put dirty diapers in it or dirty clothes or rubbish.
  7. Nursing cover. To all you nursing mothers, cover up when you are nursing your babies in public. We don't want to make people around us uncomfortable do we? You can use a blanket too for this. 
  8. Toys. Small ones will do like rattles, teething toys etc to keep your baby entertained. 
  9. Socks and mittens, incase it gets cold and incase your baby lose a sock. My baby is always missing a sock. It's handy to put on tights rather than socks, I think.
  10. A warm hat, in case it gets cold. Weather is unpredictable. In warmer countries like Malaysia, you might go to an indoor place with a high blast air conditioner on, so a warm hat is handy to pack in your tote bag.
  11. A sun hat! We don't want our babies to burn their cute little heads do we? Better put a hat on them on sunny days. You can also throw in a sunglasses if you want but mind you, I've never seen a baby that didn't pull it off.
  12. Food! If your baby has started solid food, always bring his/her food with you. 
  13. Bib so that he/she doesn't make so much mess on his/her clothes.
  14. A plastic bowl and plastic spoon. You know, incase restaurants don't provide that for your baby.
  15. Ear muff (optional). Photo below.... I find it useful to have an ear muff with you. Once we were in an airport and there were some constructions going on. It was so loud that we had to put this ear muff on Medina. 
This is a baby's ear muff.

It's great for traveling so that she can sleep longer without hearing loud noises around her. My baby is a light sleeper you see. She'll wake up if there's too much noise. So this ear muff helps a lot.

There! I have put up a list. I hope it's useful for you mummies out there. By the way, let me know if I am missing anything from the list. Or let me know if you have something else in your bag. Love to hear about that!

Until next time, see ya! *flying kisses*

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