Wednesday, 12 October 2016

We are building a house

I have decided that it's time for us to think about a house. One that isn't so expensive and not so big. One that is just nice. No need for two storeys. One level is good enough. We don't want to get hurt by climbing to the second level. We looked around the market and thought, even a one storey house is expensive. Thus we have decided to build our own, from scratch! 

This morning, while doing some grocery shopping at Pak n Save (I went at 7.15am because the store opened at 6am), I picked up two big cardboards and took them home.

Hahaha... gotcha! 

I'm actually talking about a playhouse for Medina. She might be a wee bit too young for a playhouse but I want my husband to have something to do with Medina. You know, he gets lonely and bored when I'm studying. I hope this art and craft will keep him occupied for a while. Well, I hope it will keep both daddy and baby occupied. 

I searched some images on Google for ideas and these are what I found:

Wow! Those look amazing. Now I'm not sure how Medina's house is going to turn up. I trust my husband will do a good job. I'm sooooooo excited to see the finish product. But I think my husband is more excited to see the words 'chicken' and 'corn chips' on the boxes. Ooopppssss...

I'll show you the finish product in my next post. (If we actually get it done). XD  


  1. I remember doing this with Haraz! He liked ships and aeroplanes more when he was smaller (9-15months I think), tak faham concept rumah kotak kot hahaha
    Auntie can't wait to see it too! Jangan lupa jemput please hihi

    1. okay nanti kitaorg jemput. buat doa selamat hahaha. nanti medina ada rumah sendiri, xperlu tido dgn mummy n daddy lagi ;)