Tuesday, 4 October 2016

The season of tulips

Spring is here and thus, tulips are back at the garden. I love tulips! They are so gorgeous, how can you not have deep love towards them? Tulips don't last very long. Once they bloom, you have to go to the garden quickly and check them out. Depending on the weather, tulips in Wellington probably stay for less than a month. I have so many pictures of tulips in my camera but I can only upload a few here.

Behold, the celebrities of the garden at the moment.... 

Oh yes, Amira Medina is also my favorite kind of flower. One that has my deepest love.

My husband made a tulip coffee art. So sweet of him. Very talented I must say because I can't do that.

I might go to the botanic garden again to see these beauties before they are gone. I might post more tulip pictures in the future. Who knows? 

Until then, love and flying kisses! Ta!

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