Thursday, 20 October 2016

Little helper in the kitchen

My 7 months old wants to be in the kitchen when I'm in the kitchen. Well, she wants to be everywhere that I am... even in the bathroom. *sigh*

Whenever I'm in the kitchen, I try my best to make her concentrate on something else other than me so that she won't bother me much when I'm cleaning the dishes or fixing breakfast / lunch / dinner / snacks. 

She seems to like the magnets on the fridge. You know, magnets from my travels. Some are made from stones, some from metal and etc, so they are not ideal to give to a baby. I paid a visit to one of our local bookstore last weekend and found wooden animal magnets! Perfect! Safe for babies. I stuck those on the bottom of the fridge so that she can peel them off and play with them. I also gave her my baking trays because baking trays are good for sticking magnets too. It's a pretty good activity because keeps her mind off me for a few minutes until she gets bored and wants me again.

 Pretty cool magnets huh?

Magnets on a baking tray.

Apart from magnets, I also gave her some clean and safe cooking utensils like measuring cups. Buy colorful ones! She loves them cups and I love it when her attention is on the objects and not me, at least until my work in the kitchen is done! Haha XD

Happy baby with a measuring cup in her hand.

Okay, back to work. Hope these tips will benefit some people out there. Until later! xxx

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