Saturday, 17 September 2016

My little mermaid

I enrolled Medina in swimming classes. Well, there was an offer for five free sessions. So I thought, why not? I love doing activities with Medina. Like I said in my previous post, I want her to explore and learn as much as possible in her first year. Playing with water is a good activity for her. They take babies from birth. Some places take babies from 3 months and above. Medina certainly enjoys her swimming classes. She meets other babies and their mums and she has a great teacher, Rachel. I think this is good for her because she gets to see and meet other people other than her parents. 

Every week, she goes to the swimming class once for 30 minutes. Yeah, it's not that long. 30 minutes is enough for babies. The water in the pool is very warm. She gets sleepy and tired after going out of the pool. Which is a plus for me! Yeay! 

After the five free sessions end, I have the option of continuing with her classes or discontinue it. We think it's best to continue with the classes. At least it gives Medina something to do. Something for her to look forward to. The fee is around NZ$150 for 10 classes which I think is not that bad. But we do have to save up. It's for a good cause. So, why not?

Medina and mummy in the pool.

Through reading, I found out some benefits of starting swimming early:

1. Strengthen heart and lungs which can aid the development of the brain.
2. Stimulate the five senses.
3. Boost confidence in babies.
4. Develops their co-ordination and motor skills.
5. Sharpen mental skills.
6. Increase the level of understanding.
7. Bonding with the parent(s).

And many more! May you grow up to be a wise, kind and healthy child! InsyaaAllah. Amen.

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