Saturday, 24 September 2016

It's my birthday again

Another year older. Nothing special. Not anymore. When I was younger, I felt like birthdays are so special. We would get cakes, balloons and what nots. Now that things are different, my birthday seems like just any other day. Except that I have to add the number one to my age. We did do something different though on my birthday. We went to a fancy restaurant for lunch and strolled around the harbour. On normal days, we wouldn't do this because parking at the city is so expensive on weekdays. We normally go to the city on Sunday because parking is free then. Want to know how much is the parking fee in Wellington city? Well, it's $4 for an hour! That's a lot of money. In Malaysia, it's just MYR1 for 1 hour. At some malls, you can even get MYR2 for the whole day. Anyway, let's not compare the prices. Of course Malaysia is way cheaper.

So, we went to Portafino (an Italian restaurant and they serves halal food) and ordered a seafood platter with risotto and cheese pizza panes (which was supposed to be starters but we ate that last. Hahaha).

Some photos...

 We have to pack food for Medina too now that she can eat.

 Our seafood platter and Medina's meal.

Yummy cheesy pizza panes.

Happy birthday Me! Until next year! Kalau panjang umur. Ameen.

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