Friday, 16 September 2016

Best toys for babies

I'm trying my best to give the best for my baby. I want her to grow up happy, healthy and smart. I want her to learn, explore and discover how things work in this world. One way to do that is by giving her toys to play. Toys are serious business for babies. Toys can provide learning opportunities to babies because toys can spark children's imagination and the five senses. Toys can also help babies build their motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Here is a list of some good toys to provide to babies:

Stuffed animals
Play gym
Soft blocks
Stacking rings 
Bath toys

Medina loves her toys. Toys certainly kept her occupied while I get some work done (like typing this up for instance or wash the dishes). Medina especially loves her bath toys (rubber ducky and some other toys she takes in the bath) because she loves the water. She only sees ducky when she is having a bath. Sometimes it's a struggle to get her out of the bath. 

Anyway, if you have children, let them play with toys. Toys are good for their developmental brain. May our children grow up smart and happy. 

Some photos of Medina and her toys.

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