Thursday, 28 July 2016

Online shopping

Did I tell you that it's not easy shopping with an infant around? Well, yeah. It's not. There was this one time that I went to Ikea for three hours but I did not get any shopping done. Baby didn't want to sit in the buggy, she wanted milk, she poo-ed and the list goes on. *sigh* I ended up being in the changing room three times! LOL

So I discovered the sweetness of online shopping! Before this I hated online shopping. I rarely do any online shopping because I'm the type that needs to see the product first before I buy it. Anyway, it's different now. Online shopping is so convenient for a mummy like me. I can even do groceries online! Wooohooo! But at the moment, my favourite websites are bookstores and Pumpkin Patch. Three packages are already waiting for me in Wellington. Gosh! Be warned that online shopping can be addictive. Shopping for a baby girl is even more addictive! I have made the decision to unsubscribe to these interesting websites so that I wouldn't be tempted to buy more and more.

Wish me luck!

Monday, 11 July 2016

How was your Eid celebration?

Eid Mubarak everyone! Ramadhan left us and Syawal came to greet us. I couldn't help thinking, will I get to meet Ramadhan again next year? I feel like I didn't do much Ibadah this year. I'm still learning to juggle my time between being a mum, wife, student and a good servant to Allah. It's hard, I'm not lying. I did not go to any mosque this year for tarawih. I have a four month old baby who needed to be in bed by 8pm thus, I prefer to stay at home. Some nights, Medina was so cranky that I didn't even do tarawih. Some nights, I was so tired that I couldn't get up at night. Oh well, life with an infant is not as easy as I used to think. You won't know how hard parenthood is until you become a parent yourself. I'm hoping to do better next Ramadhan. InsyaaAllah. 

Anyway... Eid was alright. We celebrated Eid at my parents' house first and then we drove to Raub to be with my in-laws. What's your favorite Raya dish? Mine is Soto Ayam. I'm not a rendang / lemang person. I'm a soup kind of girl. So that explains why I like soto. 

This year I'm fortunate to celebrate Eid with a husband and daughter. Alhamdulillah. Driving long distance with an infant is not easy but Allah helped us. Medina slept in the carseat throughout the journey. She's such a good girl, MasyaAllah. 

Something new, this year  I get to collect duit raya for Medina. All will go in her saving account. She may use it for her studies or hajj or wedding someday. Thank you. May Allah gives blessings to the givers.

Happy Eid everyone! May Allah accepts our ibadah and may we be healthy to do more ibadah next Ramadhan. Ameen.