Saturday, 11 June 2016

Ramadhan Kareem 2016

Ramadhan Kareem to all muslims! How's your ramadhan so far?

I haven't got the chance to write much. The limited time I have (when baby is asleep), I spent it on my thesis and expressing milk for Medina. And of course other things like eating, drinking, bathing etc. I Instagram-ed more than I blog. Coz Instagram is so easy, don't you agree?


Ramadhan has been good so far and Alhamdulillah I haven't missed any fasting yet. It's not obligatory for me to fast since I'm breastfeeding but Wellington has short days now. Today's Fajr time is 6:15am and Maghrib is at 4:58pm. So I thought I would try and Alhamdulillah everything went well - for now. 

Life is... well, life. There are ups and downs to it. The ups: Medina is growing healthily and more beautiful everyday. Alhamdulillah. Also, my supervisors have been wonderful  and understanding. I couldn't be more grateful. The downs: I'm getting a bit stress about my PhD but that's not new is it? And then Medina developed some red spots and red patches on her face, especially around her eyes. We went to the doctor and he said it could be eczema. *sigh* Well, he said, 'could be' so there's still hope. I don't like eczema. It's one of my worst enemy, not that I have many. Anyway, I have mild eczema and I'm hoping Medina won't get it. I hope it's allergy and not eczema. So today, I took off my beddings, washed them and went to the laundry in Newtown to have them dried. Vacuumed the whole house too, incase Medina is sensitive to dust. Anyway, hope she'll be alright. Her skin looks better now. InsyaaAllah, soon it will disappear. 

Oh we are going on an adventure soon and I'm excited! But my husband is a bit nervous about taking the baby on the trip. Oh well, what to do? We simply have to stay calm and pray things will be fine. Oh Medina, please be a good girl on our trip okay? This will be Medina's first time. There's always a first time to everything right? Wish us luck! 

3 months old Medina.

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  1. Assalamualaikum kak Hana.Sy Ain.kebetulan tau blog akak dr IG.kwn sy Nasuha sama belajar dkt wellington.dari situ bawa sy ke blog akak.btw sy baca post ni and akak bgtau ade pon kena ye..biase ke eczema ni terjadi?sy syorkan akak amik nutrition yg inshaAllah dpt sendiri amik nutrition dan alhamdulillah sy kulit masalah jerawat agak teruj dah makin better-ni no watsep saya 013-2876368..boleh je watsep bila2 ye kak :) anyway salam perkenalan dr Shah Alam :)