Thursday, 19 May 2016

Cafe Hopping: Spruce Goose

I have no idea why this cafe is called Spruce Goose. I should read up on the history or ask them about it, but I'm too busy looking at the menu and taking pictures for that. This cafe is quite popular. I say that because every time we pass by here, it looked like a full house. This cafe is very near to our house. We can just walk here but... we never did. Hehe... yes I know we should exercise more! Anyway, this cafe is located at Lyall Bay. It has a seaside view (which I love) and an airport view on the left. You can watch planes take off and land. I've only been here twice. For breakfast and late afternoon coffee.

Some photos...

Eggs with salmon.

Eggs with spinach.

Latte, milk shake, cake and fries. The fries are really good!

Ramadhan is approaching. No more cafe hopping for a while. But my husband said we'll go here again before Ramadan. Yeay!!! XD

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