Monday, 2 May 2016

Cafe Hopping: Scorch-O-Rama

I love taking pictures of absolutely anything pretty and I see beauty in everything. So that's a lot of things huh? I love taking pictures while traveling. The sceneries, the people and the food! Oh how I miss my DSLR. Someday I think I want to buy a DSLR again so that I can capture Medina's beautiful moments.

Anyway, since I love taking pictures of food, I have decided to do entries of 'cafe hopping'. From now on, I'll be reviewing cafes and put up pictures of food. Well, if I have the time anyway. I don't think I have much time to write, so I'll just post lots of photos for you to drool on. XD Not that it is my intention, I just love the pictures.

So here goes... my first cafe hopping entry. This is Scorch-O-Rama. The location is at Scorching Bay, Wellington. It's nicer to go in the summer because you can sit outside, basking in the sun and enjoy the blue sea. But don't worry if there's no sun. On windy or rainy days, you can enjoy the grey sea by eating in a glass room section. Personally, I love sitting in the glass room section, rain or shine. I sit outside when I only want to eat ice-creams. And they have lovely ice-creams and milk shakes there.

Okay, some photos of this cafe....

Bluish-green building of the cafe.

Loving the food and ambiance here.

Fush un chups.

A bowl of (greens, oh and orange and white) salad.

Garlic and chili prawns with rice.

A cup of latte with good art is always a delight to capture on camera.

If you want to chill, try out this cafe! Have fun!

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