Friday, 18 March 2016

See ya but not goodbye!

Done and dusted. Downton Abbey has ended. Glad that everything ended with lots of happiness. I may not like the fact that Mathew is dead and Mary re-married but that's life. It was a good show all the same. So see ya Downton Abbey! I say see ya and not goodbye because I may want to re-watch the show in the future. I have the DVDs so it is very likely that I'll watch them again. My favourite seasons are season 1 and 2. Yeah because Mathew was still alive and watching his relationship with Mary is so much fun!

Photo from Google.

Anyway, enough procrastinating. I have baby M in my left hand and typing this with my right one, PhD related papers scattered on the table. Weeeee! That's my life for now. Happy Friday people!

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