Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Little Strawberry is 1 month!

How time flies! She is a month already, which means it has been a month since I've given birth. Where did all the time go? While I love her unconditionally, I must admit that it is a bit challenging having a baby and doing your PhD at the same time. Now I know why most supervisors say, "Don't get pregnant". On the other hand, I believe that a baby is sent from above, rezeki from the All-Mighty. So when He gave me a baby, that means He knows I can handle it. InsyaaAllah I will try to juggle my family matters and my studies carefully. I need to finish up writing within the given timeline. Please pray for me. 

Oh Amira Medina, mummy loves you so much. Help mummy with mummy's PhD pretty please? Be a good girl and pray for mummy, help make things easier for mummy. I love you sweetheart. Muah xxx

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