Friday, 25 March 2016

Faith Friday: Trust Allah

Jumaah barakah my muslim friends!

I'm just thinking on top of my head, there's so much to complain about but then there's also so much to be grateful for. You just don't know how many people wish to be in your shoes right now. If you knew, I'm sure you would like to hold on tight to those shoes. 

Anyway, I was thinking, with a baby in our lives, things are not the same anymore. You can't go out anytime you want because you have to keep in mind the baby's sleeping hours and feeding times. You can't spend hours at a cafe or window shopping with your friends anymore because the baby might cry anytime and there's also the fact that you can't spend money on the things you want because you have to save up for the baby's needs such as diapers etc. I'm constantly thinking, do we have enough money for rent, for food, for baby etc?

And then I remember this Hadith:

Muhammad s.a.w said, "If you were to rely upon Allah with the reliance He is due, you would be given provision like the birds: They go out hungry in the morning and come back with full bellies in the evening."

MasyaAllah what a wonderful reminder don't you think? So trust Allah and rely on him. InsyaaAllah everything will work out fine. I'm sure of it!


  1. That's a beautiful hadith. If we do what we're responsible for inshaallah He will provide for us. What is ours will never escape us and what is not will never be.
    Early parenthood brings about so many changes and getting used to those changes and navigating our way through them will take sometime. You and I both know that you will make it through gracefully inshaAllah :)
    In the mean time, if you need an extra hand we're always here.

    1. insyaaAllah. thank you for the helping hand (past, present and future!)

  2. Assalamualaikum Hana.

    I chanced upon your instagram and later, found you here.

    I am also a mother (three boys) whom is juggling her studies (not PhD though) while taking a break from her full-time job.

    I just want to cheer you on and May Allah swt provide you ease and courage in your Motherhood endevors. Amin.