Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Life as it is

It's been a while. I've been busy doing this and that. My husband is here to help, Alhamdulillah. He cooks for us almost every day. Among his specialties are chicken curry, chicken kurma and tom yam fried rice. I make breakfast every day because I'm usually up before him but he does lunch and dinner. I am grateful for that.

Tom yam fried rice with seafood.

Chicken curry with bok choy vege.

I've been nesting like crazy (I think) or maybe not as crazy as other people. We bought a second hand baby cot and got that put up. My husband said, "Let's not do it now, do it later." But I want it to be assembled quickly because I want my room to be tidy hahaha. We have two bedrooms in the house, but we have decided that the baby should sleep in the same room with us until he/she is a bit older. But of course the baby has to sleep on its own bed. We don't want to accidentally crush the baby. I'm 33 weeks now, MasyaAllah time flies. Baby is kicking me like crazy. It hurts sometimes.

PhD work is okay I think. Sometimes when I do work, I get sleepy. So I had to rest and sleep for a while. Well, initially I wanted to take only 40 mins nap but when I woke up from my nap, I realized I took more than that! Oppss. I know I could do better and quicker. So do pray for me. I do want to graduate on time, InsyaaAllah.

Okay, need to get back to work. I'll be updating more on the recent trips I had with my sister, husband and friends. For now, I'll leave you with a beautiful view of Shelly Bay.

This is where you can get mussels (if you are a seafood fan). Yup, just catch them for free.

Until later. xoxo


  1. Wahh... You are a lucky girl! Bab extra sleepy tu normal dear...Don't be too hard on yourself k.. You bwh MARA leh habiskan 4 years kan? so dont worry k!

  2. Wahhh you are a lucky gal! Bab extra sleepy tu memang normal dear. So don't worry, don't be too hard on yourself k. You pun bawah MARA ada 4 tahun sponsorship kan? Insya Allah semua ok. Aminnn...