Sunday, 31 January 2016

Cinta Malaysian Kitchen

If you're in Wellington and wants to eat Halal food, here is a good restaurant to go to. It is famous among the Malaysian students because, oh well, simply because it's Halal and because it is a Malaysian restaurant. 

It's just a small shop and sometimes people missed it. Make sure you don't okay? It's worth going to. My favorite dish is Hainanese nasi ayam roasted or roasted Hainanese chicken rice. Love it, love it, love it! Should I say more? Okay one more, love it!

Some photos...

Hainanese chicken rice - roasted.

 My brother ordered seafood tom yam curry laksa noodle,

while my husband ordered Hainanese chicken rice - not roasted.

Okay, talking about food, makes me feel a teeny bit hungry. Now I shall continue with my endless work. Lalalala. Bye!


  1. lama kedai ni bertahan kan...kedai2 malaysian lain like Istana Malaysia, Satay Kajang (ke Satay sth else eh? on the way ke Courtenay Place), and a few more lagi hidup lagi tak?

    1. ada! istana malaysia mahal sikit so takde la go sana sangat. satay kajang and satay malaysia and little penang semua ada lagi. tapi price diaorang mahal sikit. so we always go cinta sebab affordable n sedap juga

  2. ouhhh hidup lagi Istana Malaysia tu...seigt I dia portion kecik n mahal..huhu...kitorg dlu 2005-6 Satay Kajang tu yg plg glemer among Malaysians..hahaha..