Sunday, 31 January 2016

Cinta Malaysian Kitchen

If you're in Wellington and wants to eat Halal food, here is a good restaurant to go to. It is famous among the Malaysian students because, oh well, simply because it's Halal and because it is a Malaysian restaurant. 

It's just a small shop and sometimes people missed it. Make sure you don't okay? It's worth going to. My favorite dish is Hainanese nasi ayam roasted or roasted Hainanese chicken rice. Love it, love it, love it! Should I say more? Okay one more, love it!

Some photos...

Hainanese chicken rice - roasted.

 My brother ordered seafood tom yam curry laksa noodle,

while my husband ordered Hainanese chicken rice - not roasted.

Okay, talking about food, makes me feel a teeny bit hungry. Now I shall continue with my endless work. Lalalala. Bye!

Friday, 29 January 2016

Pomodoro Technique

When I started my PhD in Feb 2014 (gosh that sounds like eons ago), I was introduced to the Pomodoro Technique. It's a time management method developed in the 1980s by Francesco Cirillo. It's just a simple method. It's good for someone like me who have short attention span when it comes to serious work. I seem to have long attention span when playing or wasting time XD. 

Anyway, you need a timer with you if you want to use this method. I just use my iPhone. You can download the apps from the App Store if you wish. It's handy. But you don't need an app, really. You can simply use your watch. All you have to do is set your timer to 25 minutes. When the timer begins, you begin doing your work. When the timer beeps at the end of 25 minutes, you stop and take short breaks for 5-10 minutes (not more than that) and do whatever you want like drink coffee, check your messages on your phone or check your emails and such. When the 5-10 minutes break is over, you set your timer back to 25 minutes and begin your work again. Then you repeat doing that many times until you are exhausted or not productive anymore. Then you can stop working and continue your work maybe later after lunch or tomorrow or whatever. You get it right?

So that's Pomodoro Technique. It is believed that mental agility can be improved when using this technique to do your work. So, why don't you try it? Have fun!

Photo take from the world wide web.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

The Alpaca Place

My sister and I went to meet and greet some alpacas last month. Some of you may not be familiar with this animal. Well, all I can say is that it looks like a llama but they are not alike. Alpacas are bred for their wool but llamas are bred as pack animals. Take a look at the facts below.

Photo from here.

This Alpaca Place is at Wairarapa. It's about 1 hour and half drive from Wellington. You have to book in advance for admission. Here is the link to it's webpage....

My sister and I certainly enjoyed ourselves here. It's not easy to find an alpaca. So why don't you drive to the farm and meet them? We get to feed the alpacas and take them for a walk. It was nice. It would be a lovely getaway for children if you have any. I'm sure children would love this kind of activity unless they are scared of animals.

Sadly, when I went to visit them, most of them were wool-less. The wool has been shorn off. Nevertheless, they were still cute.  Some photos taken by yours truly below...

They are cute, don't you agree? Most of them have white wool but you can see some unique ones in brown and black. The alpacas are really friendly. I think I may want to visit them again. Maybe in spring when they are all fat and heavy with wool!


Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Life as it is

It's been a while. I've been busy doing this and that. My husband is here to help, Alhamdulillah. He cooks for us almost every day. Among his specialties are chicken curry, chicken kurma and tom yam fried rice. I make breakfast every day because I'm usually up before him but he does lunch and dinner. I am grateful for that.

Tom yam fried rice with seafood.

Chicken curry with bok choy vege.

I've been nesting like crazy (I think) or maybe not as crazy as other people. We bought a second hand baby cot and got that put up. My husband said, "Let's not do it now, do it later." But I want it to be assembled quickly because I want my room to be tidy hahaha. We have two bedrooms in the house, but we have decided that the baby should sleep in the same room with us until he/she is a bit older. But of course the baby has to sleep on its own bed. We don't want to accidentally crush the baby. I'm 33 weeks now, MasyaAllah time flies. Baby is kicking me like crazy. It hurts sometimes.

PhD work is okay I think. Sometimes when I do work, I get sleepy. So I had to rest and sleep for a while. Well, initially I wanted to take only 40 mins nap but when I woke up from my nap, I realized I took more than that! Oppss. I know I could do better and quicker. So do pray for me. I do want to graduate on time, InsyaaAllah.

Okay, need to get back to work. I'll be updating more on the recent trips I had with my sister, husband and friends. For now, I'll leave you with a beautiful view of Shelly Bay.

This is where you can get mussels (if you are a seafood fan). Yup, just catch them for free.

Until later. xoxo