Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Who is your favourite author?

Well, I have a few favourite authors on my list for different kind of genres. For example, my fav fantasy authors are J. K. Rowings, C. S. Lewis and Enid Blyton to name a few. My fav English historical author is Philippa Gregory and my fav romance author is Nicholas Sparks. Today, I just want to express how I love Jodi Picoult's books. If you want a mixture of suspense, mysteries, law and order, psychiatric and psychological insights, pick up one of her books. My most favourite titles are as below:


'My Sister's Keeper', 'Salem Falls' and 'House Rules'. Some of her books have been adapted into movies. But I like reading the books more than watching the movies because some of the movies altered the stories. For example, in the book 'My Sister's Keeper', the little sister died but in the movie, the elder sister died. Hmmmm..... 

Anyhoo, bottom line is Picoult is a great writer and I can finish reading her book in one day because it's so hard to put down the book. Currently, I am reading 'Perfect Match' in between doing my Phd homework. 

Okay, enough procrastinating. Need to get back to my transcriptions. XD Good night people! xoxo

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