Saturday, 28 November 2015

Travel buddies

"Friends are always friends no matter how far you have to travel back in time. If you have memories together, there is always a piece of your friendship inside your heart." - Kellie O'Connor.

For the first time since I'm in NZ, I have visitors from Malaysia. My sister, who is still here with me, well, she is sticking to me like glue. She is my babysitter. My friends, (Yaya, Ajib and Irda) came to NZ and tour the south island and then took a flight to Wellington to visit me.

I didn't know where to bring them so I thought, let's do something they don't normally do in Malaysia. So I brought them to Penray Gardens to pick strawberries! Strawberries are in season now and they are so fat and juicy!!! Yummy!!!

Then we went to the Lavender Farm because it is nearby Penray Gardens. There weren't that many lavenders yet but they were beautiful nevertheless.

Oh of course we had to make a pit stop at Kapiti Coast. Kapiti is famous for its ice cream. We each got one. It was a cold and windy day but that didn't stop us from enjoying the ice creams! Guess which one is mine?

After two days in Wellington, my friends, sister and I flew to Auckland! We rented a car and went to Hobbiton. That was my second time to Hobbiton but I don't mind going there many times. It's a fun place to be. The funny thing is that, I've never watched the movie "The Hobbits" nor read the books. I watched the first Lord of the Ring movie but didn't watch the sequels. Hahahaha. Okay okay, I'll try to watch them before I graduate. Okay?

Then I took them to Cathedral Cove. At 26 weeks, believe it or not, I went jungle trekking just to get down to the beach. Hahaha. So If I could, you can do it too! Alhamdulillah my friends went back to Malaysia happy (but exhausted). They are actually thinking of coming back to NZ! 

Once you see NZ, you'll always want to return back here! It is such a beautiful place. Subhanallah. If this is Earth, I can't imagine how Heaven will look like. May we all get to see Jannatul Firdaus one day. Ameen.