Thursday, 26 November 2015

Meeting with a midwife

Alhamdulillah, I found a midwife for us (me and baby)! So our midwife will be looking after me and baby throughout my pregnancy, birthing process and post-natal care up to 6 weeks. I was delighted to have her as my midwife as she is bubbly and cheerful. She seems kind and caring too. She is 60 years old which means she has a lot of experiences. I could have picked someone younger but I think the older the midwife is, the more motherly and experienced she is. Like an academic, a professor who is older is wiser than a new lecturer. Right? 

Anyway, I have a blood test & glucose test coming up next week and another meeting with our midwife. I also have to go to antennal class soon. I haven't been to any, OMG! Blame my busy schedule. Hoping everything will turn out fine and most of all, I am counting days until my husband is here. Miss him sooooooo very much. Our midwife said when my husband is here, she will take us on a tour to the delivery suites. Gosh that's exciting! Okay, until then, keep calm and do PhD work. XD

Praying for a smooth pregnancy and birth as well as for a smooth PhD study. Ameen, Ameen, Allahumma Ameen. 

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