Friday, 20 November 2015

Getting back on track

I'm back in Wellington and have to be back on track with my studies. I'm not settled in yet. Still haven't found that perfect house. I did view a few houses but they weren't to my likings. The house was either too dirty, too far or too high up on the hill. Anyhow, I have 2 more houses to view this weekend and many more options will come out later, InsyaaAllah. So hopefully something will turn up well for us. InsyaaAllah. 

I  had a supervision meeting yesterday. Just when I thought my research is not interesting enough, my supervisor opened up my eyes to new possibilities. She taught me how to analyze the data and how to think deeply about everything I see and hear when I transcribe the interviews and video observations. It was an eye opener and I fell in love with my research all over again. Having said that, I have to get work done asap. Hoping to get a lot of things done before the little one arrives. Hoping for strengths and diligentness. Ameen.

On another note, Yaya, Ajib and Irda are arriving tonight in Wellington. So I have to play host for 2 days. Now, where shall I take them? Weather forecast says it's going to be windy and cold this weekend. Hmmm... brace yourselves guys! Welly is really cold. Safe flight and see you later.

Have a bless Friday everyone! May Allah grant you your wishes and bestow blessings upon you and your family. Ameen xxx