Sunday, 15 November 2015

Back in NZ!

I'm back in Wellington, NZ. Flight was okay. Had a few turbulences but there were small ones so it didn't cause any destruction to my emotions. Hahaha. My sister, Diana and three friends (Yaya, Ajib and Irda) came along so I wasn't lonely on the flight. However, we parted ways in Auckland as they want to tour the South Island. Have fun you guys!

Baby kicked me so many times on the flight. I got worried but I assured myself that she is fine, InsyaaAllah. When I reached Auckland, I was scared I might be stopped at the immigration office for questioning about my pregnancy but Alhamdulillah none of that happened. 

I'm missing my husband so much as he is in Malaysia but I tell myself it's only for a month. We can do this!!! Now I am actively looking for a house since I don't have one yet. Right now I'm living with my friend until I get my own house. Hopefully I'll get the house soon! xxx

Pray for me! xxx