Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Thinking of a baby

I don’t know about you, but when we (my husband and I) tied the knot, we made the decision to try and conceive right away. I don’t truly know whether we are ready to become parents or not but when you make that kind of decision, you have to get ready, right? We are not getting any younger, even though I feel like I’m forever sweet 16, my biological clock says otherwise. And the fact that we don’t know when we will successfully make a baby / when Allah is going to bless us with a baby, thus we have to get started asap. It all comes from Allah but we have to put on efforts too. InsyaaAllah Allah will give you the best at the right time and at the right place.

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So I’ve been reading, to prepare myself for parenthood. I found the fact below interesting…

The four biggest reasons couples fight by John Medina, (2010)
  1. sleep loss
  2. social isolation
  3. unequal workload
  4. depression
If you want to become a parent, you have to prepare for sleep loss. I am hoping my baby will be a good boy/girl and let us sleep peacefully. Hahahaha… If not, I suppose you have to learn to take turns with your husband for the night shift and adjust your sleeping time. When the baby sleeps, you go to sleep too, but I know for most women, that’s impossible!

Social isolation… Oh well, maybe we could ask some friends to come over sometimes for a chit chat or maybe go online when the baby is sleeping and chat with your friends? 

When it comes to workload, I have no idea how to make it equal. I always enjoy doing house work alone. I don’t mind doing laundry or cooking or washing the dishes. But I suppose when you have a baby, you don’t have time to do all that anymore so it’s important to divide workload with your husband. For example, I can put dirty clothes in the washing machine and  my husband can do the drying or folding *wink* Husbands have to help their wives! If they don’t, well, major fights will occur and this can lead to depression. 

I have no experience being a parent, and hey, I have little experience about marriage life too. But I will try my best and be patient as much as I can. Making the decision to have a baby is a big thing. Once you’re pregnant, you have to study about pregnancy and parenthood as much as you can so that you are prepared when the baby arrives. Of course, you should also ask friends and family who have the experience of being parents! That can be a major help! 

Wish me luck! With a PhD to complete, being newly wed and a baby on the way, I need all the luck, good wishes and prayers from all of you. Thank you in advance :)


  1. Hana... are you... ? hehe... Anyway... I'll pray that u'll get a baby girl soon :D U tk cr my dear

    1. hi yana!!! ALhmadulillah :) thanks for your doa :)

    2. Congrats Hana.Mula mula baca tak paham,are you trying to conceive or dah pegnant.Then baca "with baby on the way".
      Congrats again.So happy for you.I've been asking the same question too,am I ready for the second haha

    3. wahhh pantas bagus2 i like! hihihi... dah how many weeks dear? Take care ye syg...jangan aktif sangat! so happy for u! He is the best planner indeed Alhamdulillah

    4. hahaha i mmg nak sorok and cerise how i want to conceive. then i bag clue in the end. hehe I term pregnant leaps kawin. bunting palamin like people say. I pun terkejut but Alhamdulllah. Baby dah over the first trimeter :)

    5. Alhamdulillah...so happy for u hana.. wishing u a wonderful and healthy pregnancy journey... keep us updated! tk cr!

  2. U pregnant already? Hehe. Two things : sleep deprivation and postnatal blues is real, so just prepare yourself and hubby too :) You'll be fine though, cross the bridge when you get there. Take care :)

    1. thanks for the tip!!!! hehe scary but exciting