Tuesday, 22 September 2015

The day I turned.... sixteen.

I have decided long ago that I stopped aging at age sixteen. So from then onwards when my birthday comes every year (21st September) I celebrate my sixteenth birthday over and over again. Of course, all these are in the heart and not on paper. I am young at heart you see? Who cares what the paper says.

So, yesterday was my sweet sixteenth again. This year's celebration is a bit different than the previous years. It's more special because....

1) the coolest friends in the world (Yaya and Irda) threw a surprise birthday dinner for me along with my sister, Diana, and my habibi. It threw me completely off guard. I did not suspect anything when my husband said, "Lets have dinner, just us." When I walked in the restaurant (Serai at Empire Subang), I was surprised to see the familiar faces there too! OMG! What a heart fluttering moment. Thank you guys for the lovely surprise. And of course, the important thing was that, I got two berry pavlovas XD.

2) this year, I have two families to celebrate my sweet sixteenth with. My family and my in-laws. Yesterday my parents in-law took me to KLCC to have a birthday dinner. At the end of our delicious meal, three waitresses came to the table with a chocolate cake lava and sang a happy birthday song to me. A little bit shy when that happened but a night I will never forget! The cake was yummy... My mum said we will have a celebration for me again when my sister, Farah, is home from NZ. She's coming home tomorrow so I'm hoping to eat another cake soonest! ;p Yes, cake lover I am. 

3) I got an Elsa birthday card from Diana. I'm sixteen remember? So I get to be a Frozen fanatic too! Why did Diana give me an Elsa card? I think it's probably because I gave her a talking Barbie card last June for her birthday. Hehehehe...

4) I have a husband to celebrate my birthday with. This is our first time celebrating together. Hoping for many more years of celebration together. InsyaaAllah. After the dinner yesterday, habibi took me to the KLCC park to watch the colorful fountain. It's my first time seeing that too, so it's magical for me. You see, before marriage I don't hang out at night. I always come home before 7pm. After marriage, things seem to loosen up a bit. ;p

5) I have a little one with me. Alhamdulillah. That's the best present so far.

Thank you Allah for blessing me with wonderful friends and family. Thank you everyone for the well wishes. May you all be rewarded generously by Allah. Love you all for the sake of Allah. Until Jannah, InsyaaAllah.