Friday, 18 September 2015

Oh the things I do to delay work...

I have no specific topic for this post. I just feel like writing something but I don't have any idea on what to write. So I'm just going to blab nonsense (or not) just because I need to satisfy my craving for writing. 

I guess the real reason why I opened this blog is because I want to delay doing work. Hahaha. I interviewed 6 teachers a few weeks ago and I need to transcribe those interviews but oh boy, I feel so lazy. I know by hook or by crook I have to do it so I told my husband I'm going to do it by tonight. Not all six of course. I'm no superwoman. Well, I hope to get at least two interviews done, InsyaaAllah. My husband is out and he's going to check on me when he gets back later tonight. That's why I had to tell him my plans, to make sure I get down to it. 

All work and no play can make you dull. So in between work, when I'm most relaxed, usually before bedtime, I read story books and baby related books. It's surprising that I have time for leisure reading these days. Back in Wellington, I can barely finish a novel. But here in Malaysia, I finished quite a number of books already. However, I chose light novels aka novels that are not too heavy & serious for my brain. Oh but I did read a serious novel in the beginning, A Thousand Splendid Suns. I've been meaning to read that ages ago but I didn't get a chance to read it until now. After that novel, I decided I can't do serious novels anymore while collecting data for my PhD so I chose light novels (light according to me) like Off the Page by Jodi Picoult and her daughter Samantha van Leer, Royal Wedding by Meg Cabot, Lang Leav's book of poems and some books on parenting and babies. I think I want to get the new Shopaholic book (Shopaholic to the Stars) because I used to be a fan of the Shopaholic series. I don't think I'm that psych about the series now but for old time sake, I'll just carry on reading and find out what is happening in Becky's world. 

Okay I better stop writing here and get started on my work.... Okay here goes.... Bismillah....

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