Monday, 28 September 2015

Eid-ul Adha

I hope it's not too late to wish everyone this... Happy Eid-ul Adha. May all your good deeds be rewarded tremendously by Allah s.w.t.

How was your celebration? I celebrated mine with my family first and then in the afternoon we drove to Melaka to be with my husband's family. It was a short vacation for us. A refreshing one I must say. When we got back to KL however, we were shocked to see thick haze covered the city. It's so bad :(

So upon seeing the haze, I made up a song and sang it in the car. My husband just laughed at me.  He said sumbang, whatever that means. Okay, here is my lyric...

Oh jerebu jerebu please go away,
We don't want to see grey sky today,
We want sunshine and blue skies in our days,
So please rain please come our way!

Sing along with me pleaseee :)

On a more religious note, Oh Allah, please make the haze go away. Please give us fresher air. Please hear our prayers today. Ameen. 

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