Tuesday, 28 July 2015

The kid in me

Oh lalalala... I'm guilty of watching cartoons whenever I feel like watching it. Then again, why should I feel guilty? I can watch whatever I want. Better watch cartoons than adult movies full of improper scenes. Right? Anyway, I do feel that watching cartoons is relevant to my work and interest because I'm studying about children. Thus, I need to know what's current on the kid's TV too. There are a lot of other cartoons out there like Dora the Explorer, Thomas the Tank Engine, My Little Ponies, Postman Pat (my childhood fav), Upin & Ipin, etc etc but these three are my current favorite...

Charlie and Lola

Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom

Peppa Pig

They have books too and I'm starting to collect Charlie and Lola's books. I love how the brother (Charlie) takes care of his little sister (Lola). Such a clever boy! He can be a good example to all brothers out there who have a little sister.

*Note: All photos were taken from Google.