Monday, 13 July 2015

Being happy

I received an email saying that my research grant has been approved! I couldn't be more happier. Alhamdulillah. 

My PhD progress is quite slow at the moment. I've been sleeping a lot. A bit tired for some reasons.  It's hot here in Malaysia. I get tired in the afternoon and need to take naps. However, I have started  doing my pilot study and I think it is going well. I try to finish off my research in the morning when I'm still full of energy. By 2pm, I have to stop doing work for awhile and take a nap. I'm no robot. I'm only an aging human being and my body and brain need rest. 

I am happy when I sleep. I know I'm on track with my studies so it's okay to lay back a little. InsyaaAllah I'll get things done on time. Pray for me. Maybe I'll be more productive next month? Who knows...

As long as you know what you are doing, then just do it. Only you know yourself more than anyone else. Just don't forget your goals. Always stay positive and keep on track. Aim to reach the goal and do your very best to achieve it. Good luck to all of you. Wish me luck too!

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  1. I am happy when I sleep too, unless I start dreaming about my PhD, then its more scary than happy hahaha
    You've had a lot on your plate this past months, take it easy and stay positive ;)