Thursday, 2 July 2015

Be the miracle

I am currently reading this book entitled "Be the miracle". It is a gift from my special colleague. She gave it to me before I went to New Zealand for the first time last year. I didn't have the time to read the book until now. This book is amazing! It is such an inspiration. This book is written by a woman who is battling through cancer. Her illness inspired her to write her first book. She gives encouragements and advices about life and choices we make everyday. Know that each of our choices  can make the impossible possible.

My favorite part in the book is this one:

"Before you say anything about someone, ask yourself three questions:

Is it kind?
Is it true?
Is it necessary?"

Aren't we all guilty of gossiping about someone? If you gossip about someone's good quality and praising him/her, I believe that is fine. But when you gossip bad things about that person, you should watch your words carefully. Sometimes what you say might not even be true. When that happens, you'll be spreading lies or fitnah. 

In this holy month, make a vow to change for the better. Less gossips and less unnecessary talk. It's better to keep quite than talking bad things. This reminds me of a hadith:

Abu Hurayrah relates that Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) said: "Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day should speak a good word or remain silent."

Let us all change for the better. Let's be our own miracle. InsyaaAllah.