Thursday, 7 May 2015

The Crab Shack

I'm going to introduce you to my favourite seafood restaurant in Wellington. The Crab Shack is located in the Wellington CBD, right at the harbour. Pretty romantic place if you are thinking of a date with your husband/wife. It's a bit pricey too, thus you can't eat here every week, unless you are loaded. My friends and I only eat here when we have something to celebrate about.
So why do I like this restaurant? Not only do they have halal meat (yes, they have other food besides seafood), their food is also exquisite (to me, that is. Other people may have different opinions). The food is so good that I sometimes daydream about it.
Here are some photos of my favourite dish. Prepare to get messy...

 Paddle crab, squid & fish and chips.
 That's our 1kg paddle crabs
 Got to share this pot of chili-garlic crabs with friends.
 The giant chips, 'steak fries'.
 This is my favourite! The shack stack.

The Shack stack. Two rosemary & garlic sirloin steaks, layered with roasted field mushrooms & caramelised onions served with gorgonzola cheese sauce, potato hash & chipotle slaw.
Dessert time! Ice cream and hot banana split.
Snowman ice-cream from the kid's menu.
I told my friends, if they ever come to Wellington, I'll take them to dinner here. But don't cry when you dream about the food once you're far away from Wellington. Now, don't tell me I didn't warn you *wink*.


  1. Nangis! Day dreaming, night dreaming, semua la! I NEED that Shack Stack!