Sunday, 10 May 2015

Somewhere between here and there, I found you

Today is special. There are a few reasons for that. The reasons are listed below:
  • It is special because it's my fiancé's birthday. Happy birthday, darling! May you have a lifetime of happiness with me by your side forever and ever. How does that sound to you? :)
  • It's my first time wishing him happy birthday.
  • It's his first time getting a birthday wish from me.
  • From now onwards, we will be wishing each other's birthday.
  • It's my first time posting his photo in this blog.
  • It's his last year celebrating his birthday as a bachelor.
I can go on and on with the list, but I'll stop there.

This man has turned my world upside down and sideways too. All in a positive way of course. We became friends in November 2014 and a few months after that he proposed and I said, YES! (So obvious, isn't it?).

We crossed each other's paths several times, only we didn't know it at that time. We went to the same events and functions but I never noticed him, nor did he notice me. One morning, I looked through my Melbourne 2009, digital photo album and guess what? I found a photo of him in the background. How crazy is that? I can't believe he photobombed my photo! He was studying at RMIT at that time and I was on holiday :p
Well after he proposed, things seemed to unfold itself. In a blink of an eye, I have a ring on my finger. Everything happened so fast and now here we are, counting days until the big day. InsyaaAllah. Make prayers for us. We are embarking on a journey full of trials and tribulations. May we be strong enough to defeat the challenges ahead. Ameen.

Thank you everyone for the well wishes.

This photo is taken from the World Wide Web.
Happy birthday, baby. Sorry I can't be there with you but we can have a post-celebration, okay? See you soon xxx

Much love, Hana.


  1. Tq so much for being in my life, tq for wanting to spend the rest of your life with me. love u. 10/05/2015 is the best birthday ever, because i got you for my birthday present.... :P see u in few days ok... love u...

  2. This is the entry that I've been waiting for hahahaha... hana.. so happy for u

    1. heheheh well gotta keep it special hehe