Sunday, 17 May 2015

Penray Gardens, Otaki

Pick your own fruits! Fresh from the trees. I've been to this place twice last year. It's about an hour by car from Wellington. I like going during the summer because strawberries are in season then. Oh yes, I love strawberries. Actually, I love all types of berries, even gooseberries! I also love picking apples. They're really cheap if you buy them from the orchard. My favourite apple type is braeburn.
Some photos at Penray Gardens...

 I find this sign hilarious. I didn't know 'cili api' is Asian fire chillies in English.
Going to this garden is a good family activity. Actually, it's a good activity  between girlfriends too. Have a nice weekened everyone!


  1. I penah p sini awal summer in 2007. Too bad semua apples lom besar lagi..takde rezeki. ada blog psl ni skit: If you kasi email and i invite you, you will get to view the post insya Allah. Masya Allah you are so lucky to have seen all those different fruit. I am solo happy for u!

    1. okayyy I'll fb msg u my email :)
      nanti nak go cari buah lain jugaaa hehe