Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Of Huka Falls and a wedding dress

I'm packing my bags. My flight home is at 630am. My shuttle will come at 310am to take me to the airport. I'm sleepy but excited too. I'm so excited I can't concentrate. I miss my family. My sisters are back in Malaysia. Diana flew from Glassgow 5 days ago and Farah arrived from Sydney 6 days ago. My brother will be home for the weekend too. Yeay! Finally all of us will be together again. This is exciting. The bride comes home last. Well, I am the princess after all :p. I have exactly 10 days before the wedding. *nervous* I can't wait to hug mama and daddy. They've done so much for my wedding while I am away.
There's still so much to do. I haven't decorated my room or any of the dulang hantaran (presents for the groom set up on trays) yet. I haven't found nice goodie bags for the VIP but I already know what I want, so it shouldn't be too hard to find. Oh, I haven't tried on my dresses and I do want to go for a spa before the big day. I hope I will have time for all that. InsyaaAllah all will be well.
I have two dresses to wear on the wedding day. White for the solemnization and then tiffany for the reception. I chose the colour tiffany because I was inspired by the colour of Huka Falls. Huka Falls is about 5 hours drive from Wellington. It's so beautiful that one has to fall in love when one sees it.
Take a look for yourself...

 The water is crystal clear. Beautiful beyond words. Subhanallah.
The photo below is my dress. Well, the material of my dress to be exact. I wanted the colour of Huka Falls but that's the closest I could find. It will do, right? Those on top of the material are french laces which are so beautiful but oh so expensive, so I didn't buy them :p. Well, I didn't buy them all.

Well, I'm not going to spoil everything now. This is just a sneak peak. Oh, don't get your hopes too high on my dresses. They are truly very simple. Okay, time to continue packing. Pray for my safe journey home. I have a long way to go. Wellington to Sydney, Sydney to Singapore, Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. May everything be smooth sailing. Ameen.


  1. Insya Allah all goes well. My baju kawen dulu pn one of them colour tiffany... :) Enjoy your last days in singledom!