Monday, 4 May 2015

Dockside Restaurant

The weather was perfect yesterday (Sunday). It was hot and sunny from morning. My schedule was fully packed until bedtime. In the morning, I went to Sunday classes at the mosque and then had a really BIG lunch at my friend's house. She's a Palestinian so she made lamb khabsah with crispy bread and chicken. I couldn't say no to that! It was really good and I had no word to describe the taste. It was that good. But sorry I don't have any photos of the meal.
In the evening, I had a dinner date with my Malaysian friends at Dockside Restaurant. We had a seafood platter for four people. Wow too much eating yesterday. I consider yesterday to be my 'cheat day' even though I think I cheat every day. Nevertheless, it was fun and I'm not sorry I ate too much coz you see, I went for a jog at 7am this morning to shed off yesterday's meal :p
Some photos at the Dockside Restaurant...
 The restaurant is located at the harbour...

 so you can enjoy looking at the sea while eating...
Seafood platter. There's oysters, prawns, mussels, salmon, olives, breads, dips.
 I love the mussels.
The seafood platter was okay. It was quite nice but it wasn't 'out of this world' kind of thing. After we left the restaurant, we couldn't help admiring the beautiful full moon. See for yourself. Beautiful isn't it?

Full moon.
Because I didn't do any PhD work yesterday, I am working my ass off today (or at least, trying to).
Until later. xxx

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