Friday, 15 May 2015

An invitation for you

If you're my friend, you would have gotten an invitation card from me by now. If you haven't received it, wait for the postman. I'm sure it'll come soon, InsyaaAllah.
Many asked me where I did my card. Well, I didn't go to a store and buy a design from any shop. I actually had it custom made for me. Since I'm in NZ, it's a bit difficult for me to walk in a card shop in Malaysia and choose a design. Actually, I did look up some card designs from some online stores but the designs were not to my liking. I want something simple but sweet. Thus, I contacted my friend, who is a graphic designer to design a card for me. I told him how I want the card to be and I showed him some samples (via email). On top of his busy schedule, he agreed to help me. After a week, he emailed me the designs. I was surprised he designed not just one card, but three cards for me.
Take a look. Lovely isn't it?

I had a hard time choosing which one I want. In the end, we chose the third design. My mum took the softcopy in a pendrive and had it printed at a card shop. The card shop charged us 60 sen for each printed card plus envelope.

Now, my friends have received the hard copy of my wedding card. They touched it and felt it. Guess what? I haven't. I guess I'll be the last person to see and touch the hardcopy of the card. Isn't technology wonderful? I did all that via email. Thanks to my mum, dad and sister for helping me get the cards printed and posted. Love you guys to the moon and back. 

If you want a card like mine or your own design, please contact my friend. He is open for business. Search for Hisham Abdul Halim in Facebook and drop him a message. Here is his link:

All the best! xxx

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