Saturday, 18 April 2015

Mount Victoria

Do you watch Lord of the Rings trilogy? Well, if you do, you have to know that Mount Vic in Wellington was used twice as a location in the film.
Before I came to NZ, I always dreamt of hiking the mountain just to get that hobbit feelings. Well, I can now cross that off my 'NZ to do list'. The mountain is 196 meters high. It was quite a challege to get up there, but I made it and so can you *wink*. 
I hiked the mountain several months after I arrived in NZ last year. My team and I went before sunrise so that we can catch Mr Sun breaking the dawn. The view was spectacular. Subhanallah.
Some photos...


Up next on the wish list, I want to see the sunset and full moon on Mount Vic. InsyaaAllah.


  1. Thanks Hana for dropping by my blog.Haha more pics on blog sbb org baca bila ada gambar aje,besides I dah tak blog serius macam dulu,but don't wanna shut my blog down.

    1. i know right?
      dulu i blog serious. leaps tu dah bogan so delete blog. now baru buka blog balik hahaha sayang je hari tu delete. so don't delete ur blog k?