Monday, 6 April 2015

Love and how I understand it

[ L.O.V.E. ] Four letter word that is often talked about. When I was a teenager, I though I truly know what the word means. Influenced by love-sick teenage novels, my definition of love was to give your whole heart to him/her, be loyal, be there for him/her when he/she needs you and yada yada yada.
Photo taken at Oriental Bay, Wellington. NZ.

Now that I am older and a bit wiser (only a little bit. I'm still not wise), I realized that the definition of 'love' is actually deeper and harder than what I previously assumed.
I come to understand that loving someone does not mean loving that person only. You have to also love the Creator too. As a muslim, my Creator/God is Allah and therefore, everyone that I love, has to be loved for the sake of Allah. So what does that mean? The meaning is so deep and to do that may require a lot of writing, references and time. Thus, I'm not going to do that as I am not an Islamic scholar and my knowldege is limited. Instead, I'll write in my own way, based on my understanding (May Allah forgive me if I am wrong). So, to love for Allah's sake means to love not for the worldly gain but to love with one's utmost sincerity for the pleasure of Allah. For example, loving your parents, siblings, spouse or children.
So this leads to another question. How do you love someone with utmost sincerity for Allah's pleasure? I think it's really hard. Yes, you love your parents to the moon and back. But it has to be more than that. In my opinion, to achieve that highest love and sincerity, you have to truly understand what loving Allah means first. To love Allah is not just by doing good and avoid bad things. In addition to that, you have to be grateful and I don't mean it by just saying, "Alhamdulillah".
An example of my favourite hadith on the topic grateful:
`A’isha reported:
When the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) prayed (the night prayers: Qiyam-ul-layl), he would stand until (the skin of) his feet swelled. So, I said: “O Prophet of Allah, why do you do as such while Allah has forgiven all your mistakes?” He responded: "Should not I be a grateful servant of Allah?" (Muslim)
Isn't that simply beautiful? MasyaAllah. I am far from being a good muslim. I have so many flaws I need to mend. Right now I can only pray that someday, we (all muslims) can achive that kind of love and devotion for the sake of Allah. Ameen.
I shall finish off this writing by pasting Maher Zain's lyric about the joy of loving Allah. It's my most favourite lyric (I judge songs by the lyrics and not how they sound). May we benefit something from this. Ameen.
I love you so.
by Maher Zain.
I pray to God
My heart, soul, and body
Every single day of my life
With every breath I solemnly promise
To try to live my life for you

O Allah, You did revive my soul
And shone Your light into my heart
So pleasing You is now my only goal
Oh I love You so
I love You so (I love You so)

Now I know how it’s like
To have a precious love in my life
Now I know how it feels
To finally be at peace inside
I wish that everybody knew
How amazing it feels to love You
I wish that everyone could see
How Your love has set me free
Set me free and made me strong

O Allah, I’m forever grateful to You
Whatever I say could never be enough
You gave me strength to overcome my uncertainties
And stand firm against all the odds

You are the one who did revive my soul
You shone Your light into my heart
So pleasing You is now my only goal
Oh I love You so
I love You so (I love You so)

My love, my life, my days, my nights, my wealth, my prayers – all for You
And I swear that I will never put anyone or anything before You
My love, my life, my days, my nights, my wealth, my prayers – all for You

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