Wednesday, 29 April 2015


If you're in Wellington or anywhere nearby here, you might want to check out Castlepoint. This place is on the Wairapapa coast. It's about 2 and half hours away from Wellington. If you expect there to be a castle, then you'll be in for a disappointment. There's no castle but there's a lighthouse instead. I was disappointed when I discovered that the place has no castle. I love castles! However, I was excited and happy when I reached the place as the view is spectacular! I was mesmerized by the beautiful sea. You have to go on a sunny day to see the beautiful colour of the sea.
If you're lucky, you can see dolphins and whales during the migration season. I wasn't that lucky. Nevertheless, I spotted a  seal! But I don't have a photo of the seal, sorry. I was too mesmerized to take photos.
Some photos of Castlepoint.

Watch your steps or you'll fall off the cliff! Kidding. Don't you think this place is beautiful? If you want to come here, bring a picnic basket and sunscreen! It's a nice place to have lunch and sunbath with your family and friends. When my parents come for a visit, I would like to take them here. InsyaaAllah.


  1. You're blogging again! (okay, I lambat sikit dapat tahu hehe) Love this, and 16 posts in one month? well done!
    Lets go to castle point during migration season :)

    1. hi babe. blogging again tapi malas write panjang2 so pics je la. hahaha ridza la suruh i write again :p

    2. and yes lets go to castlepoint and that other one hmmmmm lake ferry? kena check bile migration season coz i dont know but i think around june - oct