Friday, 10 April 2015

A day out at the market

Being here in Wellington is great! I get to experience new culture, new food and new way of living. For example: Back in Malaysia, I would drive to go places (even shops which are 7 minutes away from home) but here, I don't even own a car! I have to walk most of the time. Either that or take the bus.
I also learn how to cook (but not very good at it yet) and do grocery shopping. I seldom do grocery shopping in Malaysia because my parents usually do that (yes, I live with my parents and I love it because they are my heart and soul and to be near them is a blessing). And oh! I go to the market! (I don't go to markets back home). Going to the market here has become one of my favourite weekend activities. I suppose if you come to NZ's markets, you would love this activity as much as I do too.
Let me take you around Wellington Harbourside market... 

Look at that carrots and radishes! 

Many types of apples. My favourites are Braeburn and Jazz. 

Pears and oranges.
Pre-packed fruits and veges are cheaper but I like mine loose so that I can choose the best.
Tamarillo! My first time eating that. It kind of taste like passion fruit.

Eat your greens!
Plums! I love Omega plums! They're divine!
Kale. Not my fav but they taste good in sandwiches.
Feijoas. Yummy! One of my fav NZ fruits. It taste a little bit like guava, but softer. 

White mushrooms for pizza, maybe? 
Strawberries. For jams or strawberry shortcakes.
Apart from buying fruits and vegetables, there are also food stalls selling burgers, noodles, pizza etc but obviously I can't eat them as most of them are non Halal. Anyhow, I enjoy eating real fruit ice creams, hummus and churros (no pic of churros today. Sorry).
Real fruit ice cream stall. 

Strawberry ice cream for breakfast!

Many flavoured hummus. 
Oh yes, you can also buy fresh fish on the boat.
And when you come home with your fruits, you can decorate your plate like this!
I Hope you enjoy the market tour! Today is Friday, I can't wait for next Sunday! :)
Cheers! Have a happy weekend everyone!


  1. I don't cook, but seeing these make me smile ^_^ I f I were to decorate my plate as such, I won't b eating my fruits..Xsanggup sbb mcm comel sgt..Thanks Hana for dropping by..

    1. my pleasureeee. best kan masak2 kat sini! hahah rase motivated

  2. haha so comel u decorated the food... the ice cream stall and hummus bestnya...ok i berangan je la

    1. berangan tu doa. it will come true u never know :) insyaaAllah. dtg la visit i hehhe